Builder Lite

The Builder Lite workspace

The Builder Lite workspace

Builder Lite is the free version of Builder.

Builder Lite is a centrifugal pumps data management tool: it helps you to organize and manage the pumps data.

Its main focus is on the performance curves construction, management and plotting.

What can I do with Builder Lite?

Builder Lite allows to create the performance curves of the centrifugal pumps: head, power, efficiency, iso-efficiency and NPSH

The performance curves for a pump can be organized in several ways, at your choice:

  • For a given pump put all the curves in the same pump, labeling each curve with the impeller diameter (this way enables the iso-efficiency plotting)
  • Create a different pump for each impeller diameter.

The curves can be quickly plotted at several speeds.

Multiple stages pumps are also supported.

The pumps are organized in families (or lines) to semplify the management.

The curves can be printed using the provided standard vertical layout that can be customized with the company logo. If you want to create a PDF document, you can use your preferred virtual printer (such as pdf-creator or cups-pdf).

Can I search the pumps and do a selection?

Selector is the tool you can use to search the pumps on the database made by the Builder.

The Selector is available in two sizes: Lite and Standard.

Both can be used internally and can be distributed to third parties. If you’re interested in Selector, contact us to get an offer.

Can I later migrate to Builder?

Builder Lite and Builder share the same user interface and database format.

This means that when you need more power you can seamlessly move the more advanced Builder, exploiting all the rich features it provides.

How can I get it?

Just go here, fill and send the Builder Lite Activation Request form. We will process it as soon as possible. You will receive the email with the link to get Builder Lite and the activation key.


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