Builder: performance curves management

The Builder is the perfect tool for the Technical Department of a pumps manufacturing company.


The Builder allows you to create a set of pump families. Each family will collect all the common features of the pumps.
A family can be related to special applications and services in order to better drive the search.

The pumps are later added to the families and they inherit all the features defined for the family.

For each pump you can create and manage the performance curves: head, power, efficiency, iso-efficiency and NPSH. The curves can be shared among several pumps in order to create pumps with the same hydraulic behavior.

The advanced curves management tools and mathematical algorithms make the curves creation and editing really easy.

Define how the performances change according to the speed, the materials, the number of stages, the impeller type, the support.

There’s no limit to the number of pumps you can manage in the database.

You can create a catalog of components and materials. For each pumps family you can create several base configurations that can be later used during the selection.

For each pump you can create several revisions. This feature allows you to keep all the revisions online and trace the whole pumps history.