Ardea PumpSuite is a set of software programs designed for pump manufacturers.

The main components are the Builder and the Selector.

Ardea Selector main screen

The Builder main goal is pump data management. The Technical Department, using the Builder, can create and manage pumps and pump data: technical data, performance curves (head, power, efficiency, NPSH), configuration data (motors, supports, materials…).

It is even possible to store several revisions of the pumps, keeping track of the evolution of the products.

The Selector is the tool used by Sales Department people, agents or even customers: it’s main goal is pump selection and configuration.

With the Selector you can quickly find all the pumps which fit the operating conditions requested by the customer, taking into consideration fluid (density and viscosity), speed, NPSH available and many other special constraints which can apply to the service.

Many optional advanced features can be added to the core Selector: revision management, central repository of the selections, several corrections for taking into consideration special configurations (material effect on the efficiency, effect of the number of stages on the efficiency, vertical pumps selection, supports, orifice, etc).

Due to its advanced and accurate design, it is highly customizable: your company is different, Ardea PumpSuite can fit your needs.