Selector: pumps selection tool

Pumps selection made with the Selector is an easy task. Simplicity doesn’t impair the power and the flexibility of the operations.

The Selector workspace: three items, pumps selection curves and the list of the selected pumps

The Selector workspace: a project made by 3 items

The selector allows to filter the pump families to search defining the service conditions: application, liquid, installation type, axis direction, impeller type…

You can search for pumps providing:

  • the duty point
  • the operating fluid details: name, density and viscosity
  • the installation conditions
  • if you need you can combine the pumps for series or parallel operation

The search can even be refined constraining the npsh or the flow position versus the best efficency point.

When all the suitable pumps are shown, you can browse browse and compare their performance curves. This allows to discover the best pump for the requested operations.

You can configure the pump, choosing materials, motor, coupling and seal.

The data sheet can finally be filled with the required data.

Of course as a final step you can print both the performance curves and the data sheet.

Pumps selection curves for a pump driven by a variable speed motor

Variable speed view

All the selections are organized in projects and items and it’s possible to manage several revisions of the same item, keeping on line the whole history of the selections.

The users can work either online or offline, allowing the roaming users to work even when the network is not available or it’s slow.

The projects can be shared with other users, for a real company level projects management.

All these features make the Selector the perfect tool for users who live inside the company and for third parties (agents, distributor or even customers). Its flexibility and modularity allow even different configurations for different users of the same company.