Supports and vertical pumps configuration

When you need to select a pump often you have to decide the type of support and seal.


If the pump is vertical the selection is difficult because of a set of parameters that affect the overall performances of the pump:

  • the shaft and column length, which affect both the head, because of the extra head due to the depth of the impeller position, and because of the hydraulic losses due to the discharge column
  • the number of intermediate bushings, which introduce an extra power loss
  • the type of seal (mechanical seals and magnetic couplings), which can affect the efficiency

Using this module you can set all the available options in the Builder.

When the Selector user needs to configure the supports and, optionally, the vertical pumps she/he is simply requested to select one among few options and all those parameters are taken into consideration.

The neat result is a pump with the correct impeller diameter and the right performance curves.